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Because Confidence in a Coin’s Quality is Priceless.

Because Confidence in a Coin’s Quality is Priceless.

Whether you’re a novice or advanced collector. you know that quality is what determines the value of a rare coin. However. within any certified coin grade, not all coins are “solid” quality coins. Now there’s an easy way to identify coins that are solid for the grade – a CAC verification sticker

CAC was founded by leading members of the numismatic community who recognized the need for a higher level of grading. With CAC. prices for the solid quality coins can be un tethered from the lesser quality counterparts.

A CAC sticker coins means:

  • It has been verified as meeting our strict quality standards
  • CAC stands behind the coin to further enhance your confidence, recently purchasing over $500,000,000 worth of CAC-verified coins

Have confidence in the value of a coin. Look for the CAC sticker


What Does a CAC Sticker Mean?

The CAC GREEN Label signifies that a coin has met Certified Acceptance Corporation’s stringent grading standards.

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What Does It Cost To Submit Coins?

Cost depends upon the Submission Tier Pricing which is based upon the insured value of the coins being submitted. Each Tier is also associated with an estimated turn-around time.

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How to Submit Coins

Coins are accepted through CAC Submission Centers. These are knowledgeable dealers who will assist you with your submission and the associated guidelines.

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