CAC OK’d Coins Trading

February 18, 2007

Photo Courtesy of Gold Rarities GalleryBy Mark Ferguson for Coin Values

The previous sustained important bull market in coins was during the inflationary days of the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Then an important market fundamental came into play when Professional Coin Grading Service in 1986 and Numismatic Guaranty Corp. in 1987 began grading and “slabbing” coins. Gradual use of the Internet followed, which has greatly enhanced coin trading.

Then, beginning in 1999 the State quarter dollars were introduced, stimulating the greatest bull market in coins ever!

Now enters what may be another important market fundamental: CAC, originally known as Collectors Acceptance Corp.

CAC offers two services: One is reviewing and approving or rejecting the grades of coins assigned by PCGS and NGC. The second is making a market in the CAC-approved coins. Read Full Article


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