U.S. Rare Coins & Rare American Currency: It’s All Enjoyment For Me

March 22, 2012

by Donald Zvanut (Collectible Coin & Currency)

Hello my name is Dr. Donald Zvanut, owner Collectible Coin and Currency. I specialize in Morgan dollars, Buffalo nickels, type coin and United States Large Type Currency 1862-1923. My business has about a 50-50 split between rare coin and currency. As a rare coin and currency dealer I am still relatively new at this profession as my more seasoned coin dealers are. I am a part time dealer in rare coins and rare large type currency. I still work as a board certified Optometrist in the State of California. I got started collecting in the 1960’s with the Los Angeles coin shop explosion. I still have my first coin purchase in 1968 an 1899 Barber Dime in VG. I dropped away from collecting until 2003 when I picked up a few old coins and sold them on eBay. That was the start. I attended various shows and met dealers who never sold a coin on the internet or with eBay and really didn’t have the time to do so. I found out very quickly that I was able to buy their inventory and resell it. The internet and retail sales come naturally for me. Shortly afterwards I found out about auction companies and with careful forethought I was able to grow my business by carefully purchasing and reselling. Still to this day I sell 80% of my inventory with e-bay or my personal website.

One of the greatest compliments I receive are from these same buyers online (who I will never meet) is that they thank me for my time in helping them with their collections. They comment to me that they will never attend a coin show or go to an ANA World’s Fair of Money Show. But they are more than happy with their purchases and understand that they may pay a little more for the convenience and security of buying though eBay.

I really didn’t set up as a dealer at shows until a short 4 years ago. I attend small shows in and around San Diego and Los Angeles. I attend the Long Beach show three times a year. I have attended my first ANA Summer World’s Fair of Money in Los Angeles and had a whale of a show. I also now fully support the ANA in branding its show to Chicago (which I attended in 2011 and had my best show ever).

Dealer shows for me are not an affair of “did I make table”, but more of who I meet and develop new relationships with and firm up old relationships. I like to “look approachable” to talk to and deal with while at a coin show. I enjoy sitting with new collectors and answering questions and understanding where they are in their collecting experience. When possible I can hopefully impart valuable information and allow them to learn from me. I enjoy talking with the collector’s spouse or family members (many who are at their first coin show) who maybe don’t collect but are trying to understand the dynamics at play during a coin show.

I like discussing “hot button topics” about the future of coins and collecting and making Numismatics a more fun and rewarding experience for everyone. I fully understand that Numismatics and the way we collect coins and offer them for resale have changed greatly. I fully believe that coin collecting is as vibrant as ever and is not dying off. Coin collecting is as popular as ever and is NOT “old and greying”as sometimes misreported by elder statesmen of the numismatic profession.

With my start at eBay and many of the misconceptions with it. I fully understand that many dealers still see eBay as avenue for dumping their junk coins, or for other dealers to sell overpriced over graded coins and the omnipresent threat of counterfeit coins. I think most of you by now know that e-bay is far more than a dumping ground for coins . I think CAC has a great amount of foresight with their recent eBay-CAC event. I think it will be very successful now and in the future.

I really do enjoy coin collecting and the numismatic profession as a dealer. The weekend shows are a venue for me to have fun and talk coins, currency, the ANA and all the rest. Although I am careful to maintain a level of professionalism for my fellow dealers. These professionals in many cases are full time dealers who have been at this business for a good part of their lives. I try to maintain the same respect for them at they have given me.

I look forward to a number of enjoyable years in this profession and I hope to meet you soon.

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