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  • Vincent.Savage changed their profile picture.
    June 29
  • I'm in my mid 60's and been a collector for well more than half of that time. 30+ years ago I helped put on shows, but since then our medium size city coin club, went out of existence.
    I feel I have a decent history of awareness of US Coins and grading. I'm a slow student of the new social media, including YouTube and how "new coin people" share their opinions.

    A pair of brothers who produce YouTude Videos, uses CAC and I am very unclear or their understanding or mine.

    Question-Everything else being equal, is a PCGS MS-67 Morgan, no CAC worth more than the same date PCGS MS-64 with a Green CAC. They seem to value the CAC more than the PCGS grade-are they confused? Does the CAC add to the PCGS (or NGC). Which is more important?
    Thank you!
    June 27
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    June 27
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    June 25
  • Vincent.Savage
    You the self appointed moderator?     🙄🙄

    Only one derailing anything was you , both today and previously in that other thread .   Dude its just the internet .  Chill out !!

    Have a wonderful afternoon 
    June 22
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    June 19
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    June 16
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    June 15
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    June 11
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    June 8

  • Yes, this coin has a CAC

    June 5
  • GerardJacobs
    I am Gerard Jacobs. I had a few of my coins graded with NGC and some of them have got CAC quality stickers but do not really understand what this means. I am from New Zealand and I am an avid coin collector and a member of the Royal New Zealand Numismatic Society. I am here to learn and hope to become more conversant about CAC. Thanks for welcoming me into your group.
    June 4
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    June 3
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    June 1
  • Insider3
    It is too bad the thread was closed. It is too bad the man (mcmillen - never heard of him either) sold you a coin that was over graded and you did not know it. I have not heard of this happening on the large scale you implied. I can assure you that things are tight in the grading room. Our reputation's are at stake. What you might do the next time is to send the coin back for a review. I do know for a fact that ICG has taken coins off the market by purchasing them from customers and on Ebay. Unfortunately, I don't know when your coin was graded or who graded it. So I cannot comment further. Nevertheless, I stand by everything I wrote before the discussion was closed Except I should have included the fact that you're good looking too! Don't forget to stop by the office, I pride myself with having outstanding relationships with our customers. Our customer service is great too. That's probably why ICG is growing bigger every year.
    May 30
  • GerardJacobs joined.
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    May 29
  • Insider3
    How is your health? You are too much of a treasure to loose one day. Hopefully, you'll record some notes for the lesser folks.

    Regards, Skip
    May 28
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    May 27
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    May 26
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    May 25
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    May 15
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    May 12
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    May 10
  • Thanks! I had to add these to the catalog along with other issues (mostly Cameo examples) I was missing. Prices added as well.
    May 9
  • ptolemyII
    My 1836 50/00 50c PCGS PR64 CAC sold HA Platinum 5/5 for $84,000

    PCGS values PR64=80K PR64+=$85K

    CDN in low $70k range. Sexy but generic date for type.
    May 9
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    May 8
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    May 6
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    May 3