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CAC Forum Rules

edited December 2021 in Stickied posts

Hello and welcome to the CAC forums. We encourage you to you to introduce yourself and share whatever experience you will in the discussion of rare coins. In doing so we ask you adhere to the following guidelines:

1. Treat others with respect. Do not attack other posters.

2. No advertising. Sponsored content of any kind will be removed. We will feature a Buy/Sell/Trade thread in the very near future.

3. No spamming. Posts quoting other posts but not contributing to the discussion will be removed. Posts in all caps will either be removed or edited down.

4. No racist, misogynistic or bigoted language. Posts containing gratuitous swearing, insults, or trolling will get you banned.

5. Stay on topic. Off-topic posts will be removed. 

6. Posts containing purposeful misinformation or the discussion of politics will be removed.

Not all of these rules are hard-and-fast. Posts will be evaluated in context when interpreting the rules. Have fun.



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