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Gold $2.5 BLP Indian Quarter Eagles w/ Stickers - Post Yours

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I can never get enough of these. Currently these few are in my set:

1908 MS65+

1909 MS65

1911 MS65+

1911D MS63+



  • My one and only - from my Gold Type Set:

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    Here is one that you used to own @JonBrand83.  I get your rejects :smile:

  • Gem gold is very addictive. It’s hard to pick a favorite.
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    @pcgscacgold haha always good to see it. The more I look at the pic I think the strike on that one is about as good as they get.

    @[email protected] Just love that coin!
  • @JonBrand83, thanks for your kind words. Your SET is so much tougher than what I do, and that's to collect by Type. As such, I need only 1.
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    JB that 1911 is my favorite.  If you ever consider selling that one you know I am on deck.   B)

    But for now here is my type example!  1927 in 65 w/CAC. 

  • @pedzola thanks for the comment. You are first in line if that day comes. Love your 1927 also, as you know. I must say I am quite fond of your two early turban coins and regret not picking up an affordable toned example few years back when I had a chance.
  • My one and only - from my Gold Type Set:

    That is super nice WineSteven. I have yet been able to afford one in MS 65. Ive got a 1909 MS63 $2.50 and a 1912 MS63 $2.5. They're both in OGH and they looked so good that I sent them in for PCGS Reconsideration. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I'll upload some pics as soon as I figure out how. LOL
  • JohnTCoin said:

    Thanks for your kind words. Even though the 1908 is a slightly tougher date than the more common dates, what I had in my favor was I bought it (via Heritage) back in February 2018 when prices for these were lower AND I believe the CAC “differential” was somewhat less then than now.

    Happy Hunting!

  • My only quarter eagle with a sticker.  
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