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  • Hi, all. This is Mark Wieder, testing out the process.

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  • rick great questions, I think .

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    Thank you for your questions. Edit and quote functionality should be visible now. I will do some additional testing with uploading images and I will definitely consider creating a guide for it!

  • Ron Drzewucki

    Coin dealer from Sarasota, Florida

  • Howdy Y’all!

  • The quote feature is a little odd (sorry about the weird post above that I can’t delete). As far as photos, we can get you high res images of anything needed…no unnecessary cropping needed.

  • For now, only whole posts can be quoted. More functionality is coming soon.

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    Hi, My name is Greg Shishmanian and I'm from Alabama. Some may recognize my name as the author of many numismatic articles published in the LSCC Gobrecht Journal or my most recent article in CoinWeek.

    Numismatics has always been one of my passions. Studying and collecting Liberty Seated and Trade dollars has been a fascinating and rewarding journey.

    This forum should be an ideal place to share a wide array of numismatic knowledge, ideas, opinions, research, and experiences.

    Roll Tide!

  • Hello Everyone. Thank you for the invite. My name is Seth Chandler, I like rare and beautiful coins. I love pre 1890 Proof Gold, Early US Gold, and spectacular high grade early US Type. Ten Indians and Saints are my favorite 20th Century coinage. The coins of higher quality that I appreciate tend to be CAC approved - so I am a big fan.

    Ive been collecting since I was four years old, and worked in a coin shop, Edgewood Coin Co., as my high school job. Ive been running a small coin shop in San Francisco since 2016 - and having a blast. I am lucky.

    I love chicken parmigiana, and long walks on the beach.

    Looking forward to chatting about any cool CAC approved coin.


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    In 2022, I'm going to become active in coin collecting again after taking a break for several year 🤗

  • I'm Larry from the Philly area, AKA FadeToBlack. CAC + Old Holder fetishist, run a discord server with 1k members that's focused on coins, and outreach to the younger and less experienced end of the hobby. I dabble on the dealing side, but primarily to raise funds to fuel my collecting. My mantra is "Keep the best, sell the rest" and I try my best to abide by it.

    You may know me from the PCGS forums, where I used to post regularly under the same name.

    I cannot wait to see what this forum turns into. There are some very recognizable names posting here already!

  • HI all, thanks for the invite. I’m Brian Boosi, now mostly a world coin collector now, but still love great US coins. Thanks for the invite!

  • Hi everyone, I'm Bill Conroy. Long time (nearly 45 years) coin dealer living in Sarasota FL. Previous grader at PCGS and finalizer at NGC. Happy to help any questions that I can.

  • Hi everyone. I'm Dana Samuelson from American Gold Exchange, Inc. in Austin, TX. This is my 42nd year in the business. We buy and sell a lot of U.S. $10 and $20 gold coins. I'm happy to be a part of this forum. I usually attend all the major national coin shows. I'm also a former PNG President. I helped to conceive of and get the ball rolling on the industry Anti-Counterfeiting Task Force during my PNG Presidency in 2016.

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    Hello , Raymond B. here . I have been involved with collecting since 1956 . Very eclectic collector , love the history ; as well as, early 1900 coin designs , Standing and Walking Liberty's Buffalo also Indian head cents .

  • Hello All, I received the email invite to the new form and thought, why not. My name is Scott Mckenzie, residing in Pacific Northwest, pcgs forum member, though nothing more than a lurker there nowadays. I've recently gotten back into the hobby after pausing for a number of years. As for collecting interests, I'd say it is a bit of a scatter shot, half cents, early type. Upon resuming the hobby I pursued the box of 20 strategy, That has lead to selling off a number of coins. Never made the goal, but I did make it to the 2 boxes of 20 and kind of hovering there for the time being. I'm just a small fish in this big pond, but I'm swimming nevertheless...

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    Thanks for the invite! I’m so very excited about this forum!

    I’ve chosen not to spend hundreds, if not thousands of hours learning how to grade accurately and consistently. Instead, I rely on a combination of the TPG’s, CAC, and trusted mentors in our industry.

    With only one temporary exception of one coin waiting to be upgraded, EVERY coin in my collection that is eligible for a CAC has a CAC! But that doesn’t mean that I buy every coin I need simply because it has a CAC sticker. I typically pass on over 90% of the coins I need that have CAC’s, simply because they don’t have the eye appeal that I like, and as noted above, may not pass muster with my trusted mentors.

    Other collectors may not want to hear the following, but I truly believe it’s a VERY important question: If a coin above a certain value has no CAC, WHY NOT???? Is it not solid for the grade? Have its surfaces been “messed” with? For MY collection, I choose to include only coins that are solid for the grade, and whose surfaces have not been “messed” with!

    Why in the world would someone with a coin valued above a “certain” amount not spend $16 to see if it merits the coveted CAC sticker? Having the sticker makes it so much easier to potentially receive fair value when the time comes to sell, whether by the current owner or ones heirs!


  • ThreeCentSilverFL here, checking in from Florida. Thanks for having me.

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