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CAC Yellow Sticker?

I suspect that CAC has already addressed this question, but has CAC ever considered using a different sticker for correctly graded but merely average coins? Not over-graded, not low-end, but not quite solid for the grade.

This new sticker would open the floodgates for a whole new market. So many nice coins are being passed over by collectors and investors merely because CAC does not think that they are above average for their grades. But is not an average MS65 nicer than an MS64 CAC? And a much better deal if it is cheaper, which is sometimes the case in auctions?


  • My understanding is that CAC’s definition of “Solid for the grade” is an “A” coin OR a “B” coin. A “B” coin is by definition an “average” coin for the grade, hence I believe your question is moot.
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