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  • I think that idea of adding categories, such as "copper," "gold," "silver," or "grading issues might be helpful. The posts will get buried pretty fast the way it is now with only "general."

    Since this is an all U.S. coins forum, the categories will obviously be different from the other forums, like PCGS and NGC.

  • The visual changes you just did are great, much easier on the eyes to see what is what. Thanks!

  • We plan to slowly roll out additional categories as the forum becomes more populated. Always seeking more ideas for what categories those would be so any suggestions are very much appreciated!

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  • Let me get Meta Mark on the phone

  • As much as I love coin pictures, and take them myself, I’d like to see a forum specifically for glamour pics of coins to keep them out of the general discussion areas. And, by the same token, if there will be lots of “guess the grade” then a forum for that would be good.

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    It is funny you mention that because we do have a grading concept in the works. I do like the idea of a pictures hall of fame, but we will need many more submissions before we can establish some criteria!

  • How about a category “CAC or Not, and Why?” It is important we learn to recognize the qualities that make a coin CAC worthy, or not. Otherwise, we are just bean counters! I, for one, am sometimes quite surprised by what is stickered, and what is not. We probably all need to sharpen our skill set, but I confess it’s so much easier and efficient to simply “trust CAC.”

  • Perhaps you could add another category call "history" to the list. If you did, I would contribute to it.

    One of the reasons why I collect coins, tokens and other numismatic-like item is because many of them have a good story connected to them. It enhances my enjoyment to the hobby.

  • Make the quote box pop a bit more? Thicker border?

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    Bold, italicized and strike are available but can only be accessed while highlighting text

    try it out !

    Spoilers can also be used the same way

    not sure how well this works for mobile users but I will check it out

    Private messaging should be working. Click on another user's profile or the mail icon by your user info and there should be messaging options available. If this isn't the case for you, please let me know.

    The rest I will have to get back to you about 😀


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    I apologize if I was unclear. The functions I mentioned are accessed by highlighting your own text as if you were going to copy/paste it. Once your text is highlighted in that way, the options will appear, and you can apply them to the text that is highlighted.

    I think most people prefer to have all of the stylistic options in one place and I will work towards making it more intuitive.

  • A quick note on private messaging-- if you click on some one's username you will get this:

    if you post in the activity box, it will post to their wall but if you click the message button I highlighted it will bring you to a direct message prompt

  • Looks like the Vanilla Forum editor has the option for a top toolbar. I saw several examples when I was looking around. I also think allowing the linking of embedded images would be helpful rather than having to post-attach them. A listing style would also be helpful.

    When someone quotes a post the post shows up with a light shadow box that is somewhere in the #ddd and #eee range. While it frames the quote it makes it appear that the quote is the meat of the post and I sometimes don't notice the actual post contents. Perhaps the content of the box can be in #eee and the text be something like #333, indented a bit more (padding-left: 16px?) and with a font-size of smaller to help provide context and not distract from the person's response to the quote.

  • I may have missed it, but also a mark all as read option would be great to help zero in on new posts when I visit again.

  • Mark all is now enabled; was unsure if it was a popular feature. Thanks! Sending you a PM

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