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Incredible Seated quarter collection

It looks like GFRC has another incredible collection coming up for auction. Can’t wait to see the rest of the collection once it the block! Looking forward to seeing it at the Baltimore show. Time to add a few nice example to my collection. 


  • I have been thinking about getting into SLQs for quite some time now. I saw Gerry’s blog this morning and he teased with a picture of a couple of them. That 1840 is probably one of the nicest that exist. Can’t wait to see what else is coming. Time to save up!
  • I agree. GFRC's works to keep a strong inventory of coins and has been holding very successful auctions. Wish I could attend Baltimore show. I don't collect Seated coinage but that 1840 is amazing. The 1889 is not too shabby either. There are a number of Gold CAC stickered coins. It will be fun to look at all the lots.
  • That set is really impressive. I’m gonna have to throw my hat into the bidding pool. Wish I could attend Baltimore so that I could see the whole set together in person. That would be a treat.
  • WOW
    Im glad to see pictures of this set are posted now on Gerry Fortin’s website. The set looks amazing an I’ll be going broke. 
  • Some of my favorites….

  • Wow! 
  • I had (2) coins in the last GFRC auction. It was a great selling platform. I bought a great G$1. Looking forward to the next event.
  • Looking forward to watching this incredible collection go off tonight. Best of luck to the consigner, I think it was a wise choice using GFRC. 

  • Nice coins!  I have been thinking about expanding my type set beyond gold, will have to check this out.  
  • Very nice group of coins. Good luck to all who are bidding
  • only an hour and a half left. I'm curious if some of the five figure lots will get bids.
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