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CAC approved Seated Liberty Dollars

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Let’s see your CAC approved SLDs! Post them if you got them! Here is one I recently picked up from the most recent commander’s list (SVC weekly email blast). It was just to cool to pass up. Now that I have one, I kinda want more!



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    I own only two, for my Type set:


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  • Pyrite said:

    I appreciate your pieces on many levels.
  • I am down to just one, I had a couple others. 
     I  never really considered the 1836 $ as a LSD until a few years back. Wish I had a few more!
  • My one and only CAC seated dollar. Photos by Mark Goodman.

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    Two of my favorites >

  • Great coins everyone! Keep them coming
  • Some really nice pieces posted, especially yours Steve, it is a stunner!!!


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    Donato - Thanks for your kind words.
  • I love Liberty Seated Dols. Hopefully I'll someday be able to collect them and will call it my Dol collection.
  • Part of my Vf-XF set build. Low cac pop report, extremely tough date. Fits in perfectly with my 72 and 73 with the underlying toning. 2/3 of the way done with the set 👍🏻

  • @GoldenMan - A 72s $ with a CAC sticker is RARE! Congratulations on conquering such a tough coin.

    @Coinstein - Sweet war dates!
  • Havent seen a first year of issue posted:

    53 CAC

  • @redseals - Very nice example of the first year of issue!
  • @redseals I like that 1840. it has a red/purple/blue glow to it that you rarely see in that date. Really nice coin.
  • My only SLD, PCGS 55

  • Skier, Great coin!
  • My new pick up that I’m extremely pleased with. One of the nicest vf’s in my seated dollar collection. 

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    I’m pretty sure that I looked long and hard at this coin at auction. It just became yours right? Nice Coin, well done.
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