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Everything I heard about the show from my dealer ilk all said it wasn't just good-it was great show. Legend had a GREAT show-something we really did not expect. Its the first show in 2 years we have been able to buy coins. Even more important, collectors were out in force-including many big collectors who flew in.

The CSNS people put a lot of work into it and may have saved what I thought was slowly dying show.

Lets hear your buys and CSNS stories!


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    The few ilk to whom I spoke reported the same strength from a possibly broader wholesale end. Also that PCGS non-CAC gold sold well.

    What was that David Crosby lyric? "It's been a long time coming..." Since dealer attitudes about the show have been degenerating over the past decade or so, I'd expect the new bourse team's common sense and ability to listen has added some oxygen. :D
  • I thought it was a great show and well attended by both dealers and collectors. I will definitely go again!!
  • It was a fun show to attend. I had a great talk with Doug Winter and Seth at Witter coins. No purchases but things are coming soon. 
  • I thought it was a good show also. The opening day line was long but moved along well.
    I sold several items for what I considered good prices. I purchased only one coin, a 1798 Bust dollar in XF45 CAC.
  • I enjoyed the show very much. I did not buy anything but there were some very tempting coins at various dealers (Legend, Stuart Levine and DWN to name a few). I kept going back to the StacksBowers booth as they had a display case of the classic head coins that were to die for many of which were finest known. They also had a Dahlonega type set alongside the classic head collection. I submitted coins for regrading at the PCGS booth. The service was very good and I had 1 coin get a plus and another get a PL designation which was a great outcome especially for an early gold coin.
  • My show was phenomenal. Bought and sold way too much, if there is ever is such a thing as too much. Highlights for me was a 1940 Proof Walker in PCGS 64 CAC rattler and a 1946 Iowa in NGC 3.0 64 CAC - the coin looks 66/67 to me so off to JA it goes for a reevaluation.
  • I bought some really gem world crowns paid didley too😄
  • I was able to attend for one day. Met several dealers face to face for the first time. I was able to finish off a trade for a couple of great Bust halves. It was a good show with some great coins to consider.
  • The show was fantastic! Got to see so many beautiful coins. Definitely will be attending again.
  • I wanted a few coins in the Heritage auction. I was outbid on all of them. I  was surprised at some of the high prices people paid.
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    This was the aftermath of the CSNS show in which I won this 1942 phenol cent pattern in SP-64 from Heritage today.

    I thought it went for a reasonable price at $2,640. I was surprised that Fred Weinberg dabbled into these patterns.

    I believe it has a 50-50 chance in getting a CAC sticker. The obverse deserves a sticker but the reverse is more problematical.

    I like joking with JA that he is superb in evaluating metals but not as much in evaluating plastic.

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