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Early American Copper

I am new to the forum and look forward to participating. I recently invested in a significant example of an 1808 Classic Head Large Cent. It is PCGS MS66BN with no CAC. It is my understanding that due to the different grading standards of EAC, that the prescience of CAC approval is not that important among collectors of early copper. Is this true or am I mistaken?


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    I think the presence of a slab, much less a CAC approval sticker, doesn’t mean much to many early copper collectors. However since you used the term investment, the general market will value both when it comes time to sell. Many high flying early copper collections, when it comes time to sell, get slabbed.
  • Catbert, thanks for the comment. I recognize you from the PCGS forum. I probably misused the term investment. I specialize in Lincoln Cents and recently expanded to a type set for pre-Lincoln cents. The 1808 will definitely be with me for the long run. But when trying to learn more about the EAC world, I find that TPG grades and CAC approval may not be that important in that area. This particular coin came from a dealer who is highly respected in EAC. He indicates it would grade at least at MS63 to their current standards, which is quite rare for the issue. I am very proud of it.
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