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1898 o rattler. Will it get a green sticker gold sticker or no sticker

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Bought this coin 2 weeks ago at a coin show. 1898 o rattler in a pristine holder. Coin has very nice luster and strike. Coin was sent today to CAC. Please advise your opinions. Results will be posted from CAC.



  • I vote GREEN. Neat-looking coin with an MS64 cheek and obv. fields.

  • Yea thats a nice one. It should come back beaned

  • I think the coin will get a green sticker and would be stunned if it received a gold one. With no disrespect to you or CAC, I wouldn’t have submitted it.

  • I am partial to die cracks. The almost 360 degrees crack on this coin is very nice. I agree with Mark.

  • I vote green bean. I am amazed by the large quantity of Morgan rattlers that appeared in the Stacks auction. Does anyone know the origin of this hoard? Many were beaned. I picked up a few because Morgans in rattlers are just simply fun to hold and show others, especially non collectors, who prefer the rattlers to the more modern suffocating tombs. ⚰️

  • Nice Morgan. Looks to be accurately graded.

  • I vote gold as having seen the coin in hand it is quite impressive looking for a 64. The pictures don’t do the coin full justice. I know if it gets green the illusion for gold is ruined and the value drops. So I am submitting with some confidence otherwise I wouldn’t have bothered. Will post as soon as back from CAC. Thanks for all your feedback

  • Yes likely a green bean, however that may actually hurt the market value for a rattler.

  • no doubt green, but not seeing it in hand makes a difference to me

  • Thinking green, nice coin.

  • Green bean. Gold on Morgans is dang near impossible. I've sent 500+ in with one gold, many of which I thought were very, very PQ.

  • I vote Green as well.

  • It's a beautiful Morgan, looks very close to a 65. It will look even nicer with a green bean on it!

  • Yes only 550 out of nearly 100,000 Morgan’s received the gold sticker. I guess I have a strong feeling. Anyway I included a note asking John his opinion on what grade it would receive if cracked out and resubmitted to PCGS.

  • Good luck and enjoy...

  • edited December 2021

    i not so sure the luster says B coin 64 to me IMHO. Pictures can be funny with luster and lines can be hidden. I would say 50/50 green. It’s a nice coin but there are many nicer 64s out there and if they are A coins that means it’s trending down the ladder. The holder adds a cool point which can’t hurt, but higher liquidity doesn’t necessarily mean higher quality.

  • You are entitled to your opinion. The luster is much better than the picture portrays. But I am telling you my honest opinion after viewing the coin in hand and asking myself would you buy this coin as a 65 I would. I bought the coin because it was gorgeous looking in terms of luster, eye appeal and being extremely clean for the grade, and the pristine rattler didn’t hurt.

  • Well there is a reason my opinion was free, I wish you luck

  • I vote green. It's consistent with other 64 green bean Morgans I've seen.

  • Green Bean. Nice coin

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