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NTC Has Been Reborn

edited June 17 in Grading

Brad Johnson is listed as a staff member. He was a major force at Teletrade and worked for Martin Paul.

The new firm claims that it grades using "the current industry standards."

I am puzzled about why the new owner would not have started a brand new service rather than buy an old brand that has just 10 of its slabs listed on Ebay.


  • To me they are dead and buried today as they were when they were technically alive.
  • I sorta like PSGGS
    Pyrite Super Good Grading Service. :)
  • Martin Paul was a superlative grader as I recall.
  • oreville said:

    Martin Paul was a superlative grader as I recall.

    And also highly litigious. He even sued Coin World for telling the truth. It was dismissed on a summary judgement as I remember.
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