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Post your Washington Quarters in Rattlers

This morning I was browsing the message boards and saw a thread regarding high premiums of CAC Washington Quarters in PCGS Rattler holders. 
So, let’s have a place to post your Washington Quarters in rattler holders. 
Below are two ms67’s. The 51-S has not been to CAC to the best of my knowledge, but don’t think it will CAC regardless due to the finger print. 


  • I suspect you won’t get too many responses as you and I may be the only forumites who have any, but here you go.
  • If that isn’t your year, then
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  • These were tough to sticker
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    Some dupes for this year
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    Wow! As you said, many of us don’t have these, but I sure wish I did. Other than modern quarters for my Type Sets, my only other Washinton’s are the Proof quarters 1936 - 1942. While all have CAC’s, unfortunately no rattlers.

  • @Winesteven Thanks. It has been a long, but entertaining, hunt that continues. Far more challenging than my #8 CAC 12 piece gold type set which I completed about a year ago. The fun is in the search for me. Here are a few more year sets not currently at the bank.
  • Unbelievably so special! However, you should have warned us to put on sunglasses, as all of those Gold CAC stickers are blinding!

    Congratulations! You should be so very proud of your collection!

    Congratulations too on your high ranked 12 coin Gold Type Set!!!

  • A coin with blinding luster that you can see from far away. Gorgeous!

  • That has terrific luster!

  • Thanks! It really does- cool that it comes across even in a cell phone picture.  It also has this subtle lavender toning going on that makes for a really electric presence in-hand.  

  • Truly incredible set @SilenceOfTheClams - thanks for sharing!
  • Did you do your own photography of that TrueView STYLE layout? Great job!

  • Yes, thank you! Blessed to have received guidance from @robec1347 in the photography approach and another gentleman created the template. 
  • I noticed the "Robec" style. VERY nice! I like how you captured the obverse luster!

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    One of the first few coins I ever bought from Heritage.

    I know around then I was cracking coins out for my raw collection of "gem" mint state coins 1934-date (had to settle for some ms64s at that time) so I don't remember if I cracked this one out or not. The cert still rings up so it may be more likely I just sold it as is with plans to buy a nicer one (which I still haven't yet 19 years later!).
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