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Trueviews from my Core Collection Mexican Cap & Ray 8 Reales


  • Spectacular group, the 1892 & 1886 stand above but all are special. I bet those super gems glow in hand

  • Ver nice!

    I have "tire kicked" this coin because of its obvious connection to this 1836 dated pattern gold dollar. Unlike the Gobrecht silver dollars, it's impossible to guess then era when this piece was struck. The mint did produce them in 1836, but but the facility issued more through the years, just as it is with the Gobrecht Dollars. At any rate, I would not give Gobrectht high marks for originality when he came up with this design.

    This coin is PCGS graded PR-64.

  • Interesting indeed .

    Here is another one of my favorites....I have so many I like!

    This one PCGS 65.

  • Here's my 1902 Peso. I paid a hefty premium for this one using the TrueView only and could not be happier. It looks just like this in hand except the reverse is super reflective in the light. I knew I made the right decision immediately after opening the package.

  • Fabulous coins, and a great series to collect! Too bad it took you so long to figure it out. 😉

  • Mexican coinage is fascinating. Here are three PCGS 64s 8 Reales from my collection:

  • Well I figured several years ago( about 2016) that the Chinese might start buying this series again and I wanted to get ahead of the "game'.....and they DID start collecting again....😎

    Just take alook at what they are bringing in Heritage and Stacks Hong Kong auctions!

    Afterall this series circulated heavily in China for years .....

  • I purchased mine raw back in the early 2000's. I just recently renewed my interest in Mexican coinage and started to put my old purchases in holders.

  • All gorgeous, but that 1892 is just superb. I'm a Barber collector, 1892 is noteworthy of course.

  • Most of these dates and mints simply do not exist in MS 65 or higher.

    This is a overdate from the Durango mint in PCGS 62 ...the highest graded at both services.

  • This Mexico mint speciman is a former NORWEB and noted on the holder ...PCGS 63...which I think is undergraded by at least a point ...also pop 1 at PCGS.

  • Durango Mint top pop PCGS 65+
  • PCGS 66 Culican mint top pop
  • The reverse looks really familiar to me ! 🤓

    Very nice line up 
  • The reverse looks really familiar to me ! 🤓

    Very nice line up 
    Thank you 
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