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What is your favorite coin design?

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Me, I LOVE the High Relief Saint. It looks like a small sculpture to me. Very classic in my opinion. 

What is your fav coin design and why? 


  • I do not know how to post images
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    Coiled Hair Stella. Elegant, dignified and pristine. A pattern of course, but Col Jessup has not yet set the thread parameters. 

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    Not mine, but it is almost Christmas...

    Edit:  Apparently I don't know how to post images either.    :/

  • High Relief Saints are up there but I’d say my overall favorite is a commemorative - the $50 Pan-Pac Octagonal. Not that I will ever own one, though. I’m also very fond of the 1794 Wreath cent. 
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    Can't say I have a favorite but for a modern coin I always loved the obverse of the Mercury dime. So clean and artistic. As for reverses, I love the type 1 smaller eagle reverse seen on the 1807 and 08 CBH. The depiction really shows a bird of prey in my opinion. Not sure if I know how to post a pic either but I will try.

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    I may never own one but I love the octagonal assayer  slugs. I love the crudeness and the geometric pattern on the back. In terms of big gold this is the closest I got 

  • By far the Gobrecht dollar ….. 
  • Walking Liberty Half
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    Pan Pac Octagonal :)

    Large, octagonal, dolphins, owls, pine cones, Minerva gold!

    The owl and pine coins are awesome.
  • Shield Type Nickel, both Variety 1and Variety 2, particularly Proof pieces.
  • The broken neck of Liberty seated.   :D

  • I love the High Relief Saints as well. Anything from the renaissance era and some of the classic commems like Oregon trail will do it for me. 
  • I'm not sure if I have a consistent favorite. The Buffalo nickel would be my favorite today because of its artistry and its very American subject matter.  For sheer artistry in the classical numismatic sense the Saint and the Walker, in that order. 
  • For the early coins, it's the Draped Bust coinage. This dime got me started in the mid 1970s. 

    So far as more modern coins are concerned, it's hard to beat this. 

  • Type One:

    Walkers would be a close second.  

  • I hope it is ok to post two favorites.

  • Love ASG’s $20 HR and his 1907 $10 Wire Edge.  Also, BLP incused Indians.

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    The 20th century killed classic design.

  • Here are a handful of my favorite designs....Love all of these:

  • Even a MS63 HR looks great!!!! 
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