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Let’s See Your Early CAC Silver

edited December 2021 in Silver Coins
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Some of my favorite early silver CAC coins in my collection and why I appreciate them:

A beautiful example of this scarce type, this example has some attractive subtle color and great detail for the grade.  (F12, O-128 Small Head)

“Circulated cameo” effect does not mean the coin is strictly original, as I learned over time.  This example on the other hand, is.  Dirty, dull, crusty… in a series so often seen messed with, I treasure this coin for its preservation level despite the low grade and strike weakness. 

An attractive toned example of this momentous year in North American and European history.  A common coin, though not so common with colorful toning.  

This is my favorite coin of my entire collection as it has exemplifies everything I look for in a coin- beautifully delicate surfaces, vibrant color, and the luster still cartwheels… all at VF25.  “Buy the coin not the holder” indeed! I hoped for a gold sticker just cause the coin is so darn cool, but acknowledge the wear level is appropriate for the assigned grade.  How it survived so well will always be a mystery to me though. 

This coin speaks for itself I think without too much hyperbole.  While it has quite a bit of circulation marks in the obverse fields, I appreciated that CAC agreed that the other attributes made it a worthy of a pass. 

This coin is flashier than my images show, awesome multicolor toning make for a stately looking piece with a common but fun over date (1829/7) to boot. 

Dusty, flashy, vibrant color and a cool die break. What’s not to like?

[PCGS XF40, #15412797]

I’ll close with this coin, because it re-defined my collecting standards for dark circulated coinage. The preservation level is just outstanding, every year of storage since someone decided to tuck it away long ago, visible to the eye.  It reminds me of museum pieces from the Old West I viewed as a child- the dusty appearance of objects frozen in time.  I hoped CAC would see what I saw in this coin when submitted despite how dark it is, and it passed. 

Images courtesy of PCGS, Bob Campbell, and myself.


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