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Basic Conservation presentation at January FUN Show

I'll be giving a talk on Saturday. You'll come. :) After it is over, I'll put some of the info in my Numismatic News column.


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    Is it BYOS? (Bring your own stereomicroscope?)

    Dang things are heavy!
  • LOL. No, I'll have some micrographs to hand out.

    On a more serious note, here are some things to consider:

    1. You can see more things there are to see on a coin with magnification. Just because you can see, it and others cannot, it may not affect the coin at all.

    2. The best thing about looking at coins at magnifications above 10X is that you become able to ID most characteristics of them you see later on other coins with your eyes alone. Additionally, it is very helpful to know what the surfaces of genuine coins should look like for counterfeit detection.

    3. Any "spot/localized" conservation should be done under magnification. What I do at high power, you cannot see. ;)
  • Will a video be available?
  • NO. AFAIK, only one video exists of any of my classes and I have it somewhere. It is a selfish thing. I charge $,$$$ for private, several day sessions on conservation, grading and authentication . Except for two-three day seminars for groups, anything I do is free but I don't allow video. The reason is simple. Back in the 80's, a student recorded one of my classes at ANA Summer Seminar. The next time I saw him, he showed me his self-published little book that I could have written (but did not) myself.

    Fortunately, a lot of what was once proprietary information in the 70s and 80s is now published common knowledge. That's a good thing for everyone - including the counterfeiters and coin doctors.

    Conservation is a proprietary art that the major TPGS charge to do. Many of the chemicals used are well known. How they are properly employed and the techniques are not so much. I will be revealing lots of info but nothing that will hurt/diminish the bottom line at the conservation services at NCS or ICG. I hope to help collectors and dealers insure they don't ruin their coins when they attempt to clean them.
  • I remember when I bought one similar to this and I heckled .   But I enjoy using it for my own purposes .  I don’t use it to grade  
  • @Insider3 Sorry I couldn't attend your presentation! Is your Numismatic News column live? Would love a link and to read when it is (if it's available online).
  • I've written two conservation columns for NN last year to help prepare my lecture. I just sat down to the computer this minute to write a column about my talk and saw this post! I expect they will publish it sometime in a March Issue.

  • noahlh said:

    @Insider3 Sorry I couldn't attend your presentation! Is your Numismatic News column live? Would love a link and to read when it is (if it's available online).

    Here is a link to a discussion about coin conservation. It is on another website so if links are not allowed here this post may be removed. Make sure to continue to the second discussion showing the results. This conservation took me a while under the microscope. I had the coin for several weeks waiting to get into the proper mood to begin. LOL.
  • The outside links are fine so long as they are informative and on-topic like this :)
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