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When.... Trying to filter through the discussions to find....

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What is the estimated launch date for the grading service. I am pacing the floor.


  • In my opinion it will be sometime in the 2nd Quarter.
    John Butler
  • No doubt there will be high demand from the get go. Most of my collection are PQ and original pieces but not accurately graded by PCGS and therefore need to be removed. There is only one place for them.
  • edited March 10
    John Butler likely has the most up to date answer. Originally a soft opening in the first qtr was given as the timeframe, as we are now close to mid March it seems that the first qrt will not happen. But unless things have changed, the only people able to submit will be some select dealers initially, regular CAC dealers and CAC approved collectors may not be included in the initial group that will be able to submit. So unless things have changed that I have not read/heard it could be well into the end of this year or even early next before submission privileges are opened up.
  • Whatever happened to just being patient? I just don't understand
  • Your average Joe likely not understanding the complexity...
  • All good things take time.

  • LeeG1957. Man that goes back...way back. Good to see you here!
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