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Big night for 36-42 proofs tonight at auctions

Going head to head we have them two finest 1937 proof Lincoln cents graded PR67+RD by PCGS with CAC. Ian Russell has an auction ending around 4;19 pacific time and John Brush , president of a David Kawrence is selling the other coin in an open listing wirn[no specific ending a/k.a Buy it now or Best offer with a suggestion of 14,000’
According to heritage. Pcgs has a census of 36 in 67 red of which 2 are (+) while ngc has a census of 29 of which 4 are (+) and one (*) with one finer at PR68. Cac has granted 19 beans at 67 and none higher.
Heritage handled the sale of a Pcgs pr67+red with cac on 12.16.2021 for a sale price iof 11,400 which isa hammer of 9,500..
Heritage also has a NGC 67+ with cac in there. Make offer to owner program currently accepting offers of at least 5580, 50% more than then 3720 he paid just a few months ago in. July of 2022
There is also a pr67 red cac taking offers of 2880 or higher (last sale of this coin. Was $1920 in 2020.
DLRC is also selling a 1940 pr67+ red with cac and asking 14,500 for that coin.
There’s a lot of other action tonight so take a seat snd strap on for rhe fireworks -a few of these will go down to the final,seconds, somebody’s neighbor putting on Netflix might cost him a coin!
A,fee other items to watch are a 1939 pr68 cac half Dollars and a. 1942 pr68 cac quarter


  • The 1937 at GC is a nice coin, but the spots bother me. I'd be shocked if it brought more than the 67CAM examples that sold at over $20k (and I'd therefore still consider them the "finest" both in eye appeal and overall quality).

    The 1942 PR68 25c is nice, but not the best 68 out there. I'd expect a lukewarm finish, but if two or more bidders really want a 68 CAC coin, well... you know what that means.

    The spots on the 1939 PR68 50c absolutely kill the grade for me, but that toning is loved in the market. I'd expect a strong finish. The TrueViews aren't doing that coin any favors if it looks like the GC images (which I expect it does).

    Quite a few of the high grade cents have been up on DLRC for a little while now at BIN prices. The coins appear high quality, but the prices might be a bit high for quick sales. I expect they're looking for the right buyer and playing the long game. I'm not sure if we're both referencing the same coins.

    There are three strong lower grade coins (65 and 66 range, no CAC) ending tonight at GC, and I'll be watching to see where they end up. Two seem to be going for high prices (at or above PCGS Price Guide) with 20 minutes left, and the other seems to be around price guide levels still.

    Of all the CAC coins out there, I'll be interested to see if the NGC CAC PR67 1941 50c brings a premium due to the obverse contrast. I don't think it will, but we shall see.
  • I picked up that 1942 quarter in PR66. But it’s toned.
  • @FlyingAl , thanks for sharing your expertise with insights in your area of specialization.

  • @FlyingAl , thanks for sharing your expertise with insights in your area of specialization.



    Not a problem! I see my predictions were fairly accurate.

    The 1937 cent ended under $10k, which is several thousand under it's last finish. It is now on Ebay for $15k. It was nowhere close to the best CAM examples.

    The 1942 25c in PR68 ended at around $5k, a lukewarm average finish for a 68 example with ok toning. An example with much better toning went for $9k at HA in 2019.

    The 1939 50c had a almost $6k finish, which is considerably higher than average but maybe not strong. I'd call it a warm finish.

    All three of the coins I was watching ended at their prices that they were at 20 minutes before the auction ended. Two ended at stronger prices, one might have been a bargain for the buyer.

    There was no premium for contrast on the 1941 50c.

    As a final note, I'd like to mention that CAC doesn't seem to play a major role in this series. I expect it's because a large chunk of the coins aren't valuable enough to warrant sending them. It's certainly nice for a buyer to have the added assurance the coins are solid, but they aren't bringing huge premiums, over and above what the coin would normally bring non-CAC from what I'm seeing.

    I think the market as a whole underestimates buyer's abilities to pay up for nice coins, whether or not they have a CAC. I'm of the opinion that for a large chunk of "CAC premiums" (excluding gold stickers), the coin is driving the price, not necessarily the sticker. The sticker just might draw attention to the coin itself.

  • And THAT’S why many of us recognize and appreciate your detailed expertise in this niche!

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