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Feelin’ Frosty on a Friday in Florida

How’s that for some alliteration?
There are few things I love more than proof Morgans, and when I saw this one it just knocked my socks off- looks like it was made yesterday. Very unusual degree of deep cameo frost for this early Morgan time period- if you covered the date I would have guessed late 1890’s (1898 particularly) when the frost was very heavy and the mirrors very deep.
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  • 🥶🥶🥶 Wow! Just magnificent, all of it.
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    You could burn ants with it 😉
  • Feeling frost-bitten from fathoming forumite FloridaFacelifter’s fortuitous, fabulous find!

    Brrrr and congratulations!
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    That’s beautiful and I love coins from the 1880’s .   Very nice Ffl 👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    I think you have single finest one there is my friend .  Wow 
  • Fabulous, just fabulous!!
  • Thanks everyone and Happy Cinco de Mayo!
  • You could replace your car's headlight with that monster. Very impressive! Bring that one to FUN next year FFL? Got to see that baby.
  • Absolutely gorgeous! I never knew one like that could even exist, not just now, but even over 100 years ago! @MarkFeld, you really made me laugh.

  • That really is a special coin.

    When I first saw it, if you had covered up the date and shown me the obverse I'd tell you it was a 1898. The reverse gives it away a bit, but it's incredibly contrasted. Wonderful!
  • Congratulations FFL. One of the finest Morgans on the planet.
  • Unreal - what a stunner. Thanks for sharing
  • Holy cow, nice!
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