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More Suggestions for CAC's New Slab Service (Insert Your Suggestions Below)

Sell clear plastic boxes that hold CAC slabs. I personally dislike the chore of opening several opaque PCGS (or other) boxes to find coins.

An additional fee of 2% of CDN bid should be charged for CAC slabbing in order to offset potential liability for the expected rare mistakes and post-slabbing deterioration. CAC deserves at least a tiny piece of the pie for the prestigious product that they invented and continue to develop.

A lower 1% added fee should be charged for the CAC sticker because NGC or PCGS will assume partial liability.

Thus, the minimum CAC slabbing fee should be $95 (as suggested in my prior suggestion thread) plus 2% of CDN bid with a credit for the first $95. And $50 for the CAC sticker plus 1% of bid with a credit for the first $50. As such, no extra fee will be charged coins that cost up to $4,750.

Have marketing contests such as for a CAC slogan (e.g., "CAC has your back" or "Satisfy your CAC attack").

Name the CAC cartoon character.

Operate a CAC Youtube channel that includes coverage of live events and interviews of icons.

Add a TikTok account to attract a younger crowd.

Partner with other brands, whether numismatic or not.

Allow customer testimonials to be posted on CAC's website.

JA's legendary dots should be printed directly onto Details slab inserts, color coded of course.

Outline CAC's grading standards.

Periodically email a free CAC newsletter.

Hold CAC conventions.

For a fee, state the reason(s) that a rejected coin did not cross over, and reveal CAC's actual grade.

Have JA autograph any slab insert whose coin is worth $500,000 or more.



  • Hang on.

    You want the customer to pay... to fix the company's mistake?

    I will default to my suggestions posted in your other thread:
    1) CACG makes and posts educational videos/photos to put on their social media sites.

    2) CACG offers free membership to YNs, or perhaps one free submission per YN per year.

    3) CACG works with the ANA to display grading sets at each major show.

    4) CACG works with the Smithsonian to display grading sets in Washington D.C. (I was recently at the NNC at the Smithsonian, and the display was depressingly small and uninteresting).

    5) CACG works to increase educational content regarding numismatics to make it accessible to all (bring in more collectors, not push them away).

    6) CACG continues educational contests for all, or perhaps special contests for YNs (see number two, maybe winners get free submissions?)
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    Why not charge 10% of CDN value? CACG and John fully deserves to capture most of the value of their prestigious product. /s
  • I don’t understand why you simultaneously want to promote exclusivity via a $95 minimum fee (and similar suggestions) and then at the same time spend dollars marketing to the public on platforms like TikTok and by publishing testimonials.

    I thought one of the reasons behind CACG was to reduce costs by eliminating the need to send coins and pay a grading fee to PCGS or NGC and then to CAC for stickering.
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    Doing more for YN's definitely an area everyone can celebrate. Some great suggestions abound in different threads, I certainly hope to see a few come to fruition.
  • What is the slab fee going to be?
  • Phil619 said:
    What is the slab fee going to be?
    They have not announced that to us yet.
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