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  • drddm

    I read your thoughts on the real purpose of the CAC sticker. I also spoke with JA years ago and he explained the CAC sticker to me using the same grading scale you discussed in the thread. But I have always wondered when I have a coin that is graded AU55 CAC sent in for regrading (in its holder) and it comes back as a 58, and then JA re-stickers it as a 58, do you think it is actually nice enough to be 0.3 as a MS60?

    I have numerous examples of what I describe above for coins that all start out with stickers for numerous grades and then get restickered at the next higher grade, 53 to 55, 55 to 58, 62 to 63, 63 to 64, etc. 

    I even have a coin that was stickered as a 53, regraded and upgraded to 58 and then restickered as a 58. I also posted a thread on a 1829 58 CAC, sent in for upgrade and it came back as a 62, which JA then restickered. 

    How does the meaning of the green sticker (0.4 of the assigned grade to 0.3 of the next higher grade) factor in with the above examples in your opinion?

    January 24